Culture cure, control

three words that describe us

If we have been providing companies with the best for over 40 years, it is because we are the first one to know what we want on our table to eat.

We love our work which rather than work is more like a passion that has been handed down, from generation to generation. Therefore, we are able to meet market demands, understand nedds and anticipate trends.

We are italians and we have a long-time passion for food

We are italians and we have a long-time passion for good food. For three generations, this passion has been handed down from father to son.

Initially our great-grandfathers followed by our grandfathers and then our fathers, taught us to carefully select what we eat, respect what we eat and recognise genuine flavours.

We have always borne all this in mind. Even today, now that we are an internationally acknowledged and renowned industry.

Everyday we process tons of quality


kg/day atm. boning


kg/day Prepared


kg/day Portioned

fresh and frozen meat prepared products made with a unique recipe

fresh and frozen portioned meat products wrapped in vacuum, skin

fresh and dry aged selected anatomical cuts wrapped in vacuum

We standardize processes, not products

We follow the same production standards for all type of product while paying close attention to end consumers and what they would like to find on a plate, without serving… the usual stuff.


Commercial and collective catering




GDO retail

We respect origins

We respect the origins of our animals, the land they come from, what they eat and the environment around them. To us, this means respecting our consumers, too.

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We work hard every day, and this is the result

We have more tha n one mission: to provide an excellent service and a wide range of products, to meet requests in terms of quantity and different tastes, to be strict in apllying standards of quality yet flexible in our production.

But, above all, we want to show our loyalty even before creating a good product.